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How create page transitions on WordPress
2 December 2021

How create beautiful page transitions with WordPress

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In our world and especially on the internet, animations such as page transitions are perfect to catch the attention of your visitors. As the main goal of a website is to promote your business, this attention is crucial! That is why it would be interesting to see how you can turn these animations to your advantage.

If you’re interested in improving your site’s appearance or your SEO results, page transitions will be perfect to reach this goal.

What is a page transition?

A page transition is an animation triggered once a visitor clicks on a link leading to another page. In this way, when this new page is loading, an animation will appear.

A page transition will make your website smoother and more reactive than ever. Here are several examples of the transitions that you can create with our WP Page Transition plugin.

Why use page transitions?

You can use page transitions in a lot of different cases. However, there is two main reasons for using these animation.

UI/UX design

As animations often play an important role in the design of websites. It is quite easy to understand why using page transition will improve the appearance of your website (UI design).

Moreover, page transitions will make your page more reactive, so it is also interesting in terms of user experience (UX design)

Search Engine Optimization

These animations are also interesting for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Indeed, SEO is based on the time that your visitors spend on your site so you have to keep them online to be well referenced.

The most efficient way to keep your visitor online is to catch their attention during the down-times taking place during their navigation. In other words when another page is loading.

How to implement page transitions on a WordPress website?

To use page transitions on a WordPress website, the WP Page Transition plugin is the best solution! This plugin allows you to easily create elegant and unique page transitions. Click here if you want to learn more about it.

We also offer a free version to have an idea of the efficiency of these animations.

WP Page Transition plugin

Catch the attention of your visitors using awesome page transitions with the WP Page Transition plugin.