First Steps with the Visual Builder

Open the Visual Builder

To open the builder, click on the button “Open Visual Builder” at the top of your panel.

Note: If it doesn’t work, make sure a transition is selected.

How use the Visual Builder

Once on the builder, we can see that the interface is divided in 4 parts.

The different parts of the Page Transition Visual Builder
The different parts of the Visual Builder
  1. The top admin bar
  2. The rendering screen in the middle
  3. A timeline of a page transition at the bottom
  4. An editor on the right.

You can animate three different components of your website:

  1. Loader
  2. Overlay
  3. Page

So to begin the creation, activate the element that you want animate in the timeline.

Interface of the Visual Builder If you want to create an overlay or a loader aniamtion, you have to add a layer at the bottom of the editor panel in “Layer Manager” section.

Tips: You can select several layers in the same time if you keep CTRL pressed.

Now you can set the style to give life to your ideas ! If a layer manager is present, only the selected layers will be affected by the style modifications.